Ensign insignia

Ensign is the rank at which a member may leave the Academy and chose to apply for a division. It is the first rank a fleet member will have upon officially registering on the forums.

Ensigns are:

  • Wildwiesel
  • TheDarkOne
  • Jay
  • twotone75
  • jtfogarty
  • Archer
  • ep51lon
  • Bvar
  • Archer
  • Mentalxxx
  • Dankdevil
  • Black0ps
  • Heracles
  • LawDog
  • CyborgBelial
  • MrLemmonCherry
  • GoldenFleece
  • CrunchyOlive
  • Lea
  • Tysonjackson88
  • Yoda03241977

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