The proper application format:Edit

Your in-game name (so we know whom to promote).
Your forum name (If it is different from your in-game name. If it's not, just write "Forum name: same.").
How long you were in the fleet.
How much ST:IS you play on the average (Per week. Again, we don't want a high-ranked member who never plays the game).
Your in-game level (We don't want a lvl 1 trying to apply for an admiral).
Your current rank (No comment here).
The rank you're trying to get (Always the one above your current rank).
Reason for promotion (you have to earn it, not get a free pass).
Recommendation from another alliance member (The higher their rank, the better. They must also post in the thread, stating the reason for the recommendation. Lower ranks also count, although the recommendation will have to be checked.)

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