Federation EscortsEdit

Federation escorts are a type of ship met in STO. Escorts have high firepower and speed but less hull points compared to the other ships. As such, they are recommended to the members of Timelords Command, who focus on attacking the enemies of the fleet.

Federation Escort ships are classified in five different types.

  • Escorts
  • Heavy Escorts
  • Tactical Escorts
  • Advanced Escorts
  • Fleet Escorts

Escort shipsEdit

Perspective saber

Saber class

Perspective rapier

Rapier class

Perspective ushaan

Ushaan class

Heavy EscortsEdit

Perspective akira 0

Akira class

Perspective zephyr

Zephyr class

Perspective oslo

Oslo class

Tactical EscortsEdit

Perspective defiant

Defiant class

Perspective vigilant 0

Vigilant class

Perspective gallant

Gallant class

Advanced EscortsEdit

Perspective prometheus

Prometheus class

Perspective phoenix

Phoenix class

Perspective cerberus

Cerberus class

Fleet EscortsEdit

Perspective hermes

Hermes class

Perspective gryhon

Gryphon class

Perspective dervish

Dervish class

Click on one of the links to go to the Cruiser ships section, or to the Science ships section

Cruisers The Heavy ship classes in the Federation, great for damage dealing, but slow on manueverability.
Science A wide range of customizations and powers are available in these ships. They are good all around vessels.

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