Federation Science vesselsEdit

Federation science vessels are a type of ship met in STO. They are highly versatile and, as such, are recommended to the members of Timelords Academy to learn the ropes of STO.

The science vessels of the federation are classified in five different types.

Those are:

  • Science vessel
  • Research vessel
  • Long Range vessel
  • Recon vessel
  • Deep Space vessel

Science vesselsEdit

Perspective nova

Nova class

Perspective aurora

Aurora class

Perspective quasar

Quasar class

Research vesselsEdit

Perspective olympic

Olympic class

Perspective hope

Hope class

Perspective horizon

Horizon class

Long Range vesselsEdit

Perspective intrepid

Intrepid class

Perspective cochrane

Cochrane class

Perspective discovery

Discovery class

Recon vesselsEdit

Perspective luna 0

Luna class

Perspective sol

Sol class

Perspective polaris

Polaris class

Deep Space vesselsEdit

Perspective oracle

Oracle class

Perspective trident

Trident class

Perspective destiny

Destiny class

Click on one of the links to go to the Cruiser ships section, or to the Escort ships section

Cruisers Heavy dreadnought starships, very strong, but not very fast.
Escorts Excellent for all around combat, great on speed, and designed to support cruisers in combat.

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