Star Trek Online shipsEdit

Star Trek online has a variety of different vessels. Here's some information on them.


There are three types of ships in STO. Those are:
  1. Escorts - escorts are relatively small ships with high firepower and speed. They can do a lot of damage, but they get taken out quickly.
  2. Science vessels - science vessels are ships specialized for "science". They are able to run more buffs/debuffs than other ships.
  3. Cruisers - cruisers are the tanks of the game. They have high hull points and many weapons, but their turning rate and speed is low.


Ships in Star Trek Online are also divided into tiers. There are 6 tiers in Star Trek Online. When you rank up, you get access to the tier ships. The tiers (and the unlocks) are:


SpiderMitch's STO ships chart

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